Traditional Indian Hair Care Tips

Traditional Indian hair care offers natural alternatives to chemical products. These hair care techniques have stood the test of time curing common hair problems including dandruff, hair loss and dry hair. If you want hair that is not only healthy but also looks and feels awesome, below are a few Traditional Indian Hair Care Tips you may want to utilize.

indian hair tools and techniques

Maintaining healthy hair

For you to realize your dream hair, a diet that is packed with fruits and vegetables is paramount. Natural foods such as coconuts and leafy vegetables have an array of nutrients for your hair. On the other hand, over processed foods coupled with stress is the perfect recipe for bad hair. Furthermore, it has been proven that spices such as cumin and black pepper go to nourish your hair.

Washing your hair

If you want a shiny and clean hair, wash it regularly with Shikakai Paste or Shikakai Powder while avoiding detergent based shampoos that tend to be harsh on your hair. Also, let your hair dry out naturally avoiding brushing it while still wet since this might cause it to split. Additionally, rinsing your hair with a mild vinegar mix of two cups of water and one tablespoon of vinegar will give your hair that smoother look. If you want to add some reddish tones to your dark hair, using body art quality henna will help you achieve this while still conditioning your hair.

Oiling your hair

This is one of the most essential parts of traditional Indian hair care. For strong and dandruff free hair, oiling it thrice a week will go to ensure you achieve the best results possible. You can use coconut oil or Amala which is Indian traditional hair oil. Additionally, infusing the coconut oil with hibiscus flowers or herbs such as rosemary will go a long way into sorting specific hair issues. Proceed to massage the oil thoroughly into your scalp to enhance hair growth while increasing circulation. With a wide toothed comb, comb the oil down to your hair ends. If the ends are dry, apply oil directly on them as well. Then, wrap your hair in a hot towel and leave it for a night or at least an hour for maximum absorption. Finally, wash the oil off your hair until it is clean.

Many Indian women like to keep their hair long. Compared to other ethnic groups, Indian people tend to have hair that is coarser and less prone to breakage. This is a natural advantage when it comes to subjecting their hair to treatments such as hair straightening, curling or even just blow-drying. That said, their tendency to have hair that is less brittle and less prone to breakage may be attributed to their extensive use of oils which strengthens their hair. Whether you are an Indian women or not, you may supplement your hair care regime with these traditional Indian hair oils.

Following these Traditional Indian Hair Care Tips, your hair will always be smooth, soft and will age gracefully giving you the million dollar look every single day. It is also noteworthy that you should perform the outlined steps at least 3 times a week for best results.

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